Meet Our Team

Apis Labs Inc. is your partner in all things extraction. Our founder, Jay Romano, knows the science, has more experience than is legal, and a type A personality ready to go to work for your business success.


Jay Romano, Founder/Owner

From a young age growing up in Wisconsin, Jay was intrigued with the mechanics of how things work. He took his toys apart and (mostly) reassembled them. When he moved to Oregon in 2007, it was this thirst for the knowledge of “how to” that led him on a journey to learn everything about the budding extraction industry. He took a lot of classes. Met lots of interesting people. Became part of a community of folks working through industry problems and challenges. By actually experimenting and experiencing each step of the extraction process. The result? A passion for being part of the solution and helping others to be successful. Having seen the need for a direct delivery service of high purity solvents and processing supplies, Jay founded Apis in 2014. By establishing relationships with key vendors, he was able to purchase in bulk and pass the savings on to the customer. Apis has evolved into a smooth working, friendly team of experienced individuals who stand ready everyday to deliver what ever it takes to make your extraction business successful.

The Apis Team

Friendly. Knowledgeable. Responsive.

Apis is more than a vendor of high quality extraction products. We are a true partner in your process. Your success is our success. From start to finish, we are your valuable resource for solutions to a wide variety of challenges that can arise during the extraction process. Through personal and professional experience we have cultivated a diverse network of industry connections. Which we gladly share with you, our valued customer. We are experts at figuring it out and making it happen. Just ask us!


Matt Paul, Store Manager

His Class C operators license allows Matt to train people in dispensing propane and fuel. A valuable asset to his management of every day operations at Apis. His focus is on the needs of the clients, scheduling drivers to ensure that products are delivered on time. Making sure that the shop is running smoothly. Coordinating the team effort to achieve ease of process and the success of Apis customers. Matt’s free time favorites are eclectic. He likes his music live but also enjoys collecting albums of his favorite artists. He is an avid Disc Golfer, who also likes to draw.


Jared ”Mouse” Musgrove, Driver

In his driver/delivery role at Apis, Mouse has the opportunity to dovetail his two decades of experience in the cannabis extraction and logistics worlds together. He values being part of a trustworthy and dependable team. At a place where his knowledge of the products and the process add depth to his customer service. Keeping clients appraised of accurate ETAs, Mouse is the friendly face behind the prompt, reliable delivery of high quality extraction products. When not behind the wheel, he enjoys gardening and spending time with his family.


Steve Michaud, Driver

Exceptional customer service drives Steve’s enthusiasm for his job at Apis. He credits a great work environment and co-workers, along with amazing customers as the best aspects of the company. Steve has a Class C CDL and delivers a large variety of extraction supplies up and down the I-5 corridor. His education in organic farming practices allows him, when asked, to give friendly and knowledgeable advice on the subject. He loves spending time in his garden, hiking and collecting vinyl.